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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Do you want a New Jersey home loan or a NJ refinance but aren’t sure which of the many types of home purchase loans are best suited for you?

Do you want to know the ins and outs of fixed rate mortgages versus adjustable rate mortgages and the advantages of fixed mortgage rates in today’s market?

Do you just want the best service possible when it comes to expert New Jersey home loan consultation?

If so, Amber Sky is there for you! The experts at Amber Sky can help you locate the best home purchase loans, including widely-popular fixed rate mortgages with fixed mortgage rates and the benefits they offer. Find out more about how a fixed rate mortgage could be the best choice for a New Jersey home loan or a NJ refinance – all through Amber Sky!

The Pros of a Fixed Rate Mortgage

Fixed rate mortgages are popular in virtually any market because they offer something that is prized by homebuyers: stability and predictability.

When you go to take out a New Jersey home loan, you probably want to know exactly how much you’ll pay one year, two years, five years, or ten years down the road. A fixed rate mortgage has characteristics and benefits that offer you that predictability, including:

  • Constant interest rates: Fixed mortgage rates do not change, meaning you will always pay the same interest rate on your loan!
  • No ballooning payments: You do not have to worry about your monthly payment dramatically increasing
  • Protection from interest rate increases: If interest rates go up, you are safe – you still pay the same rate!
  • Friendly for budgets: Knowing how much you will pay helps you more easily plan and budget your finances

Arm yourself with the information you need for an informed choice about home purchase loans. Call Amber Sky today!

Locking in Fixed Mortgage Rates with a NJ Refinance

Using these home purchase loans gives you yet another powerful advantage: the ability to lock in low fixed mortgage rates with a simple NJ refinance!

Let’s say you already have an adjustable rate mortgage. Interest rates may be far lower than they were when you took out your first loan. You can lock in these lower rates – and save thousands! – with a simple NJ refinance, courtesy of your go-to NJ loan experts at Amber Sky!

You can also benefit by refinancing your current fixed rate mortgage and exchange one loan with a high interest rate for one with a lower rate.

Either way, with Amber Sky, you can save thousands. Give it a try – call Amber Sky today and see if these New Jersey home purchase loans or New Jersey refinance can work for you! Call 1-866-955-5655



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